Elena Rowland Architect … starting my blog posts

Elena Rowland Architect … starting my blog posts

Welcome to my website and blog.

I have always been passionate about people and where they live. You might have done it too at times, but when I am in the car driving about town, especially in the evening, with a tingle of excitement I look into lit windows, where I can get a glimpse of the interior of a house. I do not judge tidiness or what is happening in there (usually the rooms are empty, or I would not look inside!), I just look at the rooms and I try to imagine the layout of the house and how it is like to live in there. The lights, the furniture, the colours…

I have been doing this since childhood, even before I realised that I would end up becoming an architect.

It has been a long journey of self discovery, life happening and major detours that has brought me here today, starting my own business, as an architect, in South London.

But what kind of architect am I?

My aim is to be a ‘people’s architect’, somebody that can be trusted to be realistic and sincere, somebody that understands the struggle of real people  who want to renew their houses, but have to battle with budget, time and practicalities.

My job is to take into account all this and come up with solutions that bring space, light, functionality and beauty to your house.

To begin with, I have started by doing my own house. Me and my family have been living in there while it has been renovated. It has been an interesting journey. I have learned loads, a lot more than I could have if I had not experienced this first hand. Still ongoing.

While I was doing my own house, I have also worked on a project for creating a family home in a Grade II listed building, which has given me so much pleasure, as I love historic buildings. The sheer beauty of a ‘wattle and daub’ timber wall, and of those seasoned timber beams, was so fascinating.

Let us see what is coming next. It might be you!

Bye for now

Elena Rowland Architects is the trading name of Elena Menini Rowland ARB registration no. 085001B